Sunday, January 4, 2009

Flying Soon

In just fourteen days we will be headed to southern Africa for a two month stay. Our first two weeks will be spent visiting friends in South Africa & Swaziland before heading to Zambia for the remaining six weeks. There, Dan will be working at the Macha Mission Hospital, a Brethren in Christ hospital in rural southern Zambia about 70km (44miles) from a town called Choma. Amy will be volunteering at a school called Macha Innovative Christian School (MICS) nearby. Our travel is being made possible through the Mennonite Medical Association's Student Elective Term (SET) and Dan is also receiving credit towards some graduation requirements at school.

We are excited about this opportunity and hope to share some of our experiences here on this blog (and in person when we return).


  1. I expect to see lots of good pictures. Have fun and be safe!

    Rob Rogers

  2. Ahh, enjoy your travels! I hope you two have a meaningful experience! We'll keep track of things on your blogspot (and live vicariously)... We're already considering how to work in a MMA trip.

    Best wishes!

  3. Hope you make it to Capetown. Check out Observatory...go to the beach...go to Table awesome food...go to the mini-bus HQ...get flowers at the flower market...and buy something at the open tourist market.

    Travel safe!!